Little things can sometimes make a difference – II

After the new playground at Madison Park was constructed, city government topped it off by planting a not-so-modest sign with their names on it.

For some reason, that same pride hasn’t materialized to repair the landscape at 12711 Madison where on April 5, 2008 a drunk driver hopped the curb, ripped through two trees, and killed a 22-month-old Lakewood resident. Walk past the site today, and you will see two bare spots where trees once stood.

What does it say about the Lakewood community that nothing was done to replant those trees?

Was Mayor Edward Fitzgerald too busy cutting jobs to ask the Public Works Dept. to put in a couple of trees during the fall planting season? Is Ward 4 councilperson Mary Louise Madigan too preoccupied serving her Gold Coast constituents to know what’s going on in Birdtown? And what about the rest of us?

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